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Addigy® PPU 74D98 01W F 0 UV

Additive manufacturing thermoplastiv polyurethane grade for powder bed fusion such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and High Speed Sintering (HSS). Ether-type; tough and rigid; very good hydrolysis and microbial resistance; very good low-temperature impact strength; UV resistant.

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Product Types

  • TPU


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Technical Properties & Datasheets

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Particle size X90 Laser Diffraction µm approx. 135
Particle size X10 Laser Diffraction µm approx. 30
Appearance white
Particle size X50 Laser Diffraction µm approx. 75
Bulk density g/cm<sup>3</sup> 0.41
Shore hardness D DIN ISO 7619-1 (1s) 65
Avalanche Energy Revolution Powder Analysis kJ/kg approx. 15
Density powder bed g/cm<sup>3</sup> 0.58
Glass transition temperature ISO 6721-1 °C 60
Melting range DMA (1 Hz; 2 °C/min) °C 160 - 220

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Density g/cm<sup>3</sup> 0.9
Vicat softening temperature 50 N ; 50 °C/h ISO 306 °C 103
Elongation at break x-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) % 16
Elongation at break z-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) % 7
Tensile strength z-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) MPa 10
Impact strength x-directionCharpy unnoched DIN EN ISO 179-1 kJ/m<sup>2</sup> 35
Impact strength z-directionIzod noched DIN EN ISO 180 kJ/m<sup>2</sup> 20
Impact strength z-directionCharpy noched DIN EN ISO 179-1 kJ/m<sup>2</sup> 22
Impact strength x-directionIzod unnoched DIN EN ISO 180 kJ/m<sup>2</sup> 45
Young’s Modulus x-direction ISO 527-2(1 mm/min) MPa 466
Flexural Modulus ISO 178 MPa 387
Vicat softening temperature 10 N; 120 °C/h ISO 306 °C 188
Flexural Strength ISO 178 MPa 16
Tensile strength x-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) MPa 13


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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