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Addigy® PPU 74D98 01W F 0 UV

Additive manufacturing thermoplastiv polyurethane grade for powder bed fusion such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and High Speed Sintering (HSS). Ether-type; tough and rigid; very good hydrolysis and microbial resistance; very good low-temperature impact strength; UV resistant.

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Product Types

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Technical Properties & Datasheets

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Avalanche Energy Revolution Powder Analysis kJ/kg approx. 15
Bulk density g/cm^3 0.41
Shore hardness D DIN ISO 7619-1 (1s) 65
Appearance white
Particle size X10 Laser Diffraction µm approx. 30
Density powder bed g/cm^3 0.58
Melting range DMA (1 Hz; 2 °C/min) °C 160 - 220
Particle size X90 Laser Diffraction µm approx. 135
Glass transition temperature ISO 6721-1 °C 60
Particle size X50 Laser Diffraction µm approx. 75

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Young’s Modulus xy-direction ISO 527-2(1 mm/min) MPa 466
Elongation at break z-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) % 7
Young’s Modulus z-direction ISO 527-2(1 mm/min) MPa 415
Vicat softening temperature 10 N; 120 °C/h ISO 306 °C 188
Flexural Strength xy-direction ISO 178 MPa 16
Impact strength z-directionIzod noched DIN EN ISO 180 kJ/m^2 20
Impact strength z-directionCharpy noched DIN EN ISO 179-1 kJ/m^2 22
Vicat softening temperature 50 N ; 50 °C/h ISO 306 °C 103
Density g/cm^3 0.9
Tensile strength xy-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) MPa 13
Flexural Modulus xy-direction ISO 178 MPa 387
Elongation at break xy-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) % 16
Tensile strength z-direction ISO 527-2(200 mm/min) MPa 10
Impact strength xy-directionCharpy unnoched DIN EN ISO 179-1 kJ/m^2 35
Impact strength xy-directionIzod unnoched DIN EN ISO 180 kJ/m^2 45


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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