Addigy® GPU 62AV8 000000

Additive manufacturing grade for filament extrusion. Excellent abrasion resistance; good wear resistance

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Product Types

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General Characterization

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Storage Conditions

The product should be stored in its original packaging at all times.
If bags or containers have been opened, they must then be sealed again to ensure proper further storage.
Prolonged exposure of bags or containers containing Addigy® filaments or pellets to light or light sources containing UV rays should be avoided. UV radiation will lead to degradation especially, but not limited color changes of the filaments or pellets and subsequently molded parts.
Constant, normal room temperature with minimal fluctuations and low to normal humidity is essential.
It is important to properly dry the filaments and pellets, as directed for the product, prior to processing.


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Packaging Type

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Technical Properties & Datasheets

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Elongation at break xy-direction DIN 53504 (200 mm/min) % 969
Strength at 300 % strain xy-direction DIN 53504 (200 mm/min) MPa 2.8
Density ISO 1183-1 kg/m^3 1150
Appearance natural color
Strength at 10 % strain xy-direction DIN 53504 (200 mm/min) MPa 0.4
Abrasion resistance ISO 4649 method A mm^3 33
Shore hardness A DIN ISO 7619-1 (1s) 62
Tensile strength xy-direction DIN 53504 (200 mm/min) MPa 7
Strength at 100 % strain xy-direction DIN 53504 (200 mm/min) MPa 1.8


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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