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Enabling next-generation technologies at CES 2020

From January 7-10, all eyes were on CES 2020 – the global stage for the latest consumer product technologies. And that’s where you found Covestro, your materials innovation partner. We shape the future by empowering the emerging and established companies that design, engineer and manufacture next-gen consumer technologies – in electronic, electrical and appliance applications, mobility and beyond.

From 5G to smart home to what’s new in wearables, here’s what we saw at CES:

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Technologies playing a key role going forward rely on high performance materials from a trustworthy supplier. Customers who choose to work with Covestro benefit from a relationship built on global technical support, innovation and compliance.

Joel Matsco

Electronics Market Manager, North America

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Materials in motion

Transportation is becoming smarter, safer, and more efficient, and new technologies are changing the way passenger vehicles are designed, sold, maintained and used. Many cars are becoming more autonomous, and are powered by electricity. As a result, this new wave of mobility will provide an opportunity to reimagine vehicle design inside and out.
At Covestro, we're playing an active role in enabling this evolution.  Our innovative materials enable next-generation automotive features like LiDAR sensors and 3-dimensional interactive displays; advanced battery packaging solutions provide safer, more efficient electric vehicles; and high-tech polymers offer alternatives to traditional automotive components, making cars lighter, quieter, and more aerodynamic.




Life optimized

From workplace to wearables and everything in between, the ways in which we live, work, and play are more connected than ever. Thanks to innovative technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), our electronic devices are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

We offer material solutions that create the foundation for high-performing and aesthetically pleasing electronic devices. Our polycarbonate and PC blends enable beautiful designs with unmatched functionality, and meet strict material and regulatory standards. From concept to commercialization, we’re the partner of choice for bringing cutting-edge electronics to life.

Rest easy: As the inventors of polyurethane foam commonly found in mattresses, we are continuously pushing boundaries in the sleep industry. Our goal is to help consumers achieve a better night’s sleep through our PU foam innovations – from memory foam that contours to your body, to temperature-regulating foam, to plush pillows with sensors that track and optimize sleep.



Building and infrastructure

Connected and resilient

Urbanization is a leading global trend, and infrastructure is the beating heart of our urban environments. By 2050, an additional 2.5 billion people are expected to join our global population, sparking the need for innovative solutions to build sustainable, resilient, and even more connected cities of the future.

At Covestro, we’re using our advanced material offerings to support resilient next-gen technologies in favor of increasing cities’ economic and environmental sustainability. PC and blends optimized for RF transparency, plus heat, fire, and chemical resistance are core to future connectivity solutions.  Paired with the inherent polycarbonate properties of toughness, durability with aesthetically pleasing color and finish, Covestro materials are ready to withstand the rigors of a long service life.

In the United States alone, buildings account for more than 40 percent of the country’s energy consumption.  Unfortunately, without proper insulation, much of this energy can be lost through walls, roofs and windows, leading to high utility bills, uncomfortable indoor temperatures and an increased carbon footprint. As populations develop and grow, there is an increasing need for affordable and highly insulating materials that can preserve energy while promoting building resiliency.

Innovative insulation materials from Covestro can reduce thermal energy loss in buildings by up to 80 percent.