Game-changing innovation: The first ever polyurethane wind blade

In the effort to tackle climate change, the future belongs to renewable energies. Governments around the world have started focusing on renewable energy as an important part of the energy portfolio.

Over the past decade, especially wind power has become a serious low-carbon alternative to conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels or nuclear power. According to KPMG, wind-based capacities have grown globally by 17% since 2014, with China, the United States and Germany leading the way.¹

But wind power is not just becoming more relevant in terms of market share. It also meets the public’s demand for cleaner, greener consumption. With many consumers nowadays having adopted a green mindset, a sustainable lifestyle is not a choice but a way of life, and is recalibrating consumer expectations around resource maximization.²

True to its commitment to making the world a brighter place, Covestro is continuously striving to lead the way towards a more cost-competitive future for wind energy production – with the associated benefits for business partners, customers and society as a whole.

¹KPMG (2016): Global Trends in Renewable Energy: 9

²TrendWatching (2017)

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