Engineered for the impossible

If you can imagine it, you can make it with Arfinio®. Our injection molding technology combines liquid polymers with minerals to create super lightweight yet durable materials. Arfinio® offers next-generation design freedom and outstanding performance with a strong focus on sustainability.

Solid surfaces for innovative designs: truly seamless, strong and more sustainable

Free to form any vision: Create hygienic solid surfaces in any shape.

Arfinio® gives designers the freedom to create highly customized and complex shapes that can easily be upscaled. The injection molding results in truly seamless surfaces, with no joints or structural weak points, making them highly suitable for elements with built-in fittings like a shower plate or wash basin.

Arfinio® comes in countless colors and gloss-levels and is incredibly lightweight – even the heaviest version is still 40% lighter than standard solid surface materials.

Engineered to perform. 

Great products and innovative designs should be built to last. Arfinio® high-performance injection molding materials not only meet high aesthetic standards but are also resistant to scratches and abrasions.

The molded solid surfaces can be used to make everything from device casings to interior cladding and building facades. This technology is particularly well suited for manufacturing products that are regularly exposed to water such as shower plates or bathtubs, because the resulting surfaces are non-slip, hygienic and easy to clean.

Arfinio® also has highly effective insulating properties, thanks to its outstanding thermal coefficient when compared to standard solid surfaces.

Designing a more sustainable future.

Sustainability is a key criterion for any design or manufacturing task. Solid surface materials produced by injection molding should ideally be repairable and make end products easier to recycle.

Arfinio® makes it possible to use partially bio-based raw materials to create cladding for interiors, bathroom elements, fittings for lighting and much more – all of which helps to close the carbon loop. High impact resistance ensures these products have a long service life, after which they can be mechanically recycled into new Arfinio® products.

Explore the possibilities

Arfinio® solid surface technology can be used for a wide range of applications, from hygienic bathroom interiors to sturdy casings for medical devices.

Hygienic properties for baths and showers

  • Truly seamless surfaces and thinner shapes with excellent strength and hardness, e.g. for shower plates and wash basins
  • Low weight for easier installation and high impact resistance for a long service life
  • Excellent thermal insulation means surfaces can withstand daily exposure to water (e.g. this helps bath water stay warm for longer)

Interactive surfaces at your fingertips

  • Interactive surfaces like on/off buttons or phone charging stations
  • Easily incorporate built-in fittings, electronic components and backlighting
  • Durable and thin solid surface for lightweight consumer products

Easy-to-install building facades

  • Lightweight solid surface with excellent mechanical and insulation properties for building and remodeling
  • Highly customizable solid material for next-level design freedom
  • Add built-in fittings and lighting effects with minimal effort

Lightweight interior cladding

  • Molded polymer material that is at least 40% lighter than standard solid surface materials
  • Hygienic surface prevents bacterial growth and is suitable for frequent cleaning with chemical agents
  • Applications involving backlighting or the integration of electronics 

Scalable medical equipment casing

  • Suitable for manufacturing large quantities of solid surface casings
  • Impact-resistant molding material for protecting medical equipment and other devices
  • Easily incorporate built-in fittings, electronic components and backlighting

Injection molding vs solid sheet manufacturing

Reaction injection molding (RIM) saves time and is less complicated than solid sheet manufacturing. A specially designed mold creates the shape in a single step, so there is no need for thermoforming, CNC cutting, gluing, sanding or polishing.

Covestro and Arcesso: united by innovation and entrepreneurship

We are committed to exploring all avenues in the search for solutions to our customers’ challenges. This includes partnering with companies that are among the best and brightest from around the world.

Arfinio® is the outcome of a powerful partnership between Covestro and Arcesso Dynamics SL, an innovative Spanish SME that manufactures custom polyurethane products. Arcesso specializes in meeting the requirements of highly technical companies in the medical and aeronautical industries.

We chose to partner with Arcesso because the company’s values align with our own endless curiosity, persistence and passion for innovation. The result speaks for itself: Arfinio® transforms liquid polymers into a countless number of shapes with truly seamless, hygienic solid surfaces.

Find out more about Arcesso here.

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Break free from the constraints of conventional solid surface solutions with Arfinio®. These case studies and stories demonstrate how designers can use our injection molding technology to create high-performance, more sustainable solutions.


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