Tailor-made materials for industrial production

Are you waiting to scale up 3D printing? Addigy® helps you do just that – right now!

Addigy® adds value to your 3D printing production with a flexible toolkit of high performance materials and technologies. On the one hand, Addigy® offers raw materials based on polycarbonate and polyurethane with excellent properties from flexible and rigid thermoplastic polyurethanes to high-strength polycarbonates. On the other hand, Addigy® provides a selection of filament, liquid, and powder technologies.

With this, Addigy® opens up a variety of possibilities across industries from healthcare to electrical & electronics and for applications from footwear to lighting. Even more exciting are the opportunities for customization – where others think in terms of “one size fits all”, Addigy® is about meeting individual specifications to suit your individual needs.

And this isn’t just about customization. It’s about scaling up your production to an industrial level, saving time and costs and meeting ever shorter production cycles – all while increasing recyclability and thereby reducing environmental impact.

And even more than that: The Addigy® portfolio has been advanced towards more sustainable product grades. There are grades with a bio-content of almost 50%, grades with a lower carbon footprint and grades that are made out of recycled raw materials. Through this, we showcase how Addigy® is truly pushing the boundaries of circular solutions.

Lastly, Addigy® is also about partnership. At Covestro, we work together with you to solve your individual challenges, connect with value chain partners and think one step ahead.

If you would like to 3D print a face mask aid yourself, find the STL file here.

Our DNA - your benefits

Adding scalability

Move from prototyping to industrial production – right now!

  • Global production units for PU, PC and TPU

  • Expertise to scale up lab-products

  • Reliable supplier for large quantities of 3D printing materials


Adding expertise

Trust in high quality materials from the inventor of PU and PC

  • Decades of experience to kick-start your 3D production today

  • Technical centers in Germany, China and USA provide global perspectives

  • Flexible toolkit of high quality materials and technologies offering tailor-made solutions for you


Adding innovation

Partner with us to keep reinventing materials and drive the circular economy forward

  • Pushing boundaries to make raw materials more sustainable across industries and applications

  • Driving forward recycling solutions to ensure becoming fully circular

  • Joint development with partners to solve challenges across the value chain


Take a look at Addigy® in action

With Addigy®, industrial 3D printing becomes reality. Discover our case studies and learn how we apply our know-how and technologies helping to create efficient AM solutions for different industries.

Addigy® Material Solutions: A flexible material toolkit for additive manufacturing Learn more!

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Want to experience how Addigy® is helping 3D production go serial? Partner with us and help push boundaries in 3D production to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

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