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Thermoplastic composites: A new material class designed for performance as well as scale

Thermoplastic composites based on polycarbonate resins are a growing alternative to metal and other plastic composite solutions. They can be processed efficiently at high yield rates and low cycle times, offering advanced and scalable solutions to the IT, automotive, transportation and consumer goods industries.
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Our Maezio® thermoplastic composites combine high mechanical strength with premium aesthetics and ultra-lightweight performance. They also boast versatile processing options for production at scale thanks to compatibility with several production technologies including thermal compression molding, automated tape laying (ATL), automated fiber placement (AFP) and functional integration by injection molding. These materials are characterized by their unique, metal-like surface immediately after production, which is also compatible with a wide range of coating and embellishment options. Unique textures, logos and other signature details are possible, making structural parts more aesthetically appealing. Learn more

Maezio® tapes & sheets: Flexibility in manufacturing, design and performance

Maezio® thermoplastic composites give designers a premium material for their products while engineers can achieve tunable performance at scale – with Maezio® tapes or sheets. For tapes we combine strong carbon or glass fibers with flexible polycarbonate resin. These uni-directional (UD) tapes can be laminated together at different angles to form sheets that are tuned to specific performance objectives. Adding product features such as apertures, ribs and hooks to Maezio® parts is easy as it can be done during the thermal compression molding process for considerably simplified assembly.

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