Rapid Cure Resin for High Performance Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Desmopack™ RC resin is a new linear amine terminated prepolymer offering an 80% cure time reduction at room temperature. This technology is the ideal resin for formulating laminating adhesives for food packaging—without the need of catalysts.

Closing the Flexible Packaging Market Gap

There’s a gap in the flexible packaging market. The drawback of lengthy cure times often outweighs the benefit of bond strength offered by aliphatic polyurethane adhesives.

Reduced Cure Time

Covestro bridged this gap in the flexible packaging market by innovating a first-of-its-kind technology that provides an 80% reduction in cure time without sacrificing on food safety.

Rapid Cure at Ambient Temperature

As a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials, Covestro fused an aliphatic resin’s food safety with an aromatic resin’s unmatched cure speed. The result? Desmopack™ RC technology, a rapid cure resin for high performance flexible packaging adhesives.   

“The value of Desmopack™ RC technology is threefold — decreased cycle time, lower inventory and energy costs. All of this, while not sacrificing the stringent performance and Food Safety requirements.”

Patti Opacic

Head of General Industrial Adhesives Team, North America Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties

Key Benefits

  • Increased revenue: Desmopack™ RC technology’s reduced lead times offer heightened revenue.
  • Expedited shipping: Desmopack™ RC resin’s abbreviated cure times result in faster shipping.
  • Reduced finished goods inventory: Desmopack™ RC technology provides decreased film and finished good inventory.
  • Better roll quality: The resin features expeditious defect detection and enhanced roll quality.
  • Maximize profits: The technology helps to maximize profit margins by reducing shipping time.


Desmopack RC Brochure

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