Novel security features for next-generation passport authentication

With rising expectations for secure and durable citizen documents around the world, the identification market is increasingly demanding Level 1 security features in polycarbonate (PC) documents that enable fast and easy seamless traveler authentication while being difficult to replicate. Our passport data pages made of polycarbonate meet high governmental expectations for secure identification documents across the world. Optimal durability and security are the key reasons for passport data pages made of 100% polycarbonate. Our Makrofol® ID polycarbonate films enable the integration of various security features while pushing boundaries in document design and production efficiency.
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Superlaser:  Doing more with less – Optimize  ID document security and image quality after personalization

Makrofol® ID superlaser PC film with its improved properties is well suited for the production of secure ID cards and passport data pages  which are tamper resistant and must meet very high security requirements. 

Key benefits: 

  • Enable very high resolution and contrast for laser engraving personalization.
  • Differentiated three-layer structure creating a forensic data set after laser personalization.  
  • Excellent performance for clear window applications with high image contrast resolution.  
  • Provides equivalent contrast to six times of standard PC laser receptive films.
  • Enable time saving during the production process by up to 20 percent. 

Clear Window:  very high opacity with minimal  thickness

The identification document market is continuously influenced by evolving trends, technologies and security features. One trend is the integration of clear window technology into card and passport data page constructions as an added security feature. Covestro offers two polycarbonate film solutions for clear windows applications – Makrofol® ID thin white high opaque and Makrofol® ID thick transparent PC films. 

Key benefits: 

•Easier construction of transparent windows in security documents 
•More space for the integration of additional security features within the polycarbonate card and passport data page constructions 
•Reduced cycle time: faster lamination process due to thinner PC  film layers 

White polycarbonate

Makrofol® ID standard white, high opaque thin white and superlaser white polycarbonate films with enhanced properties are well suited for the production of forgery-resistant identification documents. 

Passport TPU hinge: high flexibility and tear propagation resistance

Multi-layer Platilon® ID thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) from Covestro applied in a passport hinge can make your next generation e-passport more secure and durable. TPU excellently bonds with polycarbonate films which results in a very long-lasting security document. 

Key benefits: 

• The softening temperature is higher than the softening temperature of Makrofol® ID.  Attempts to delaminate Makrofol® ID from Platilon® ID will damage the security elements within passport data page and leave tamper evidence 
• Highly flexible material 
• Increased tear  propagation resistance 
• Easy to process, convert and laminate

Optical variable material (O.V.M. – Optical Variable Material®) for clear windows:  Quick and easy to verify while difficult to replicate

With Makrofol® ID O.V.M. – Optical Variable Material® PC film, the color of the clear window in ID documents switches between two colors depending on a light or dark background. Incorporated  in transparent polycarbonate films used for clear window applications, the O.V.M. – Optical Variable Material® film  can enables level 1, 2 and 3 security as a single  feature  

Key benefits: 

• Color shifting - easy to see and verify (Level 1 security) 
• No modification of existing production processes 
• Intense UV fluorescent properties 
• Integrated possibility of Level 1, 2 or 3 security feature 

Innovative passport cover concept

With the continued increase in international travelers, today’s citizen passports need to withstand the rigors of frequent journeys and the validity period of the identification document.  With the latest passport booklet cover solution from Covestro, passport manufacturers can enhance durability while having scratch and tear resistant characteristics.   

The innovative passport cover can also integrate multiple security features with various surface textures, colors and complex printed graphic options.  Additionally, it can help to better protect and cushion the embedded chip and antenna within the eCover. 

The art of creating secure identification documents is a continued balancing act of sorts. Today’s citizen issued ID documents need to strike a balance between being secure, high quality, easy and quick to verify while being difficult to replicate. Covestro continues to push boundaries in enabling highly secure citizen documents via its specialty films innovations.

Henry Leung

Covestro (Hong Kong) Limited Global Segment Manager, Identification, Specialty Films

Key Benefits

  • Highly durable: PC layers are inseparably bonded without adhesives during lamination, relevant especially to PC data pages.
  • Customizable: Tailored security solutions according to your specific ID document requirements.
  • Forgery-resistant with tamper evidence: High image contrast with increased laser reactivity enabling forensic data set after personalization for PC films, especially superlaser.
  • Easy to process: Compatible with standard processes for printing. Easy to laminate and suitable for a broad range of operating temperatures.
  • Highly durable: TPU film for passport hinge.
  • Versatile: Optimal flexibility with high tear propagation resistance for PC films and inlays.


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