New high-tech materials look promising for the footwear industry

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New materials revolutionize the Latin American footwear industry 

As one of the world’s largest polymer companies, we are making it our mission to bring new innovations to the Latin American footwear industry with its portfolio of solutions that include thermoplastic polyurethanes and polyurethanes developed from CO₂, laminates and water-based adhesives, as well as recycled composites and polycarbonates.  

Take a look at some of our latest technologies bringing new promise to the footwear industry: 

CO2-based TPU
Trade name: Desmopan®37385

Used in soles, midsoles, uppers and embellishments, Desmopan® 37385A by Covestro is the first thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) based on carbonated polyether which in turn is based on Triturn®.

CO2-based Polyurethane foam
Trade name: cardyon® 

cardyon® is a technology from Covestro produced with up to 20% carbon dioxide, partially replacing the base of raw materials derived from oil for the production of polyols. It can be used in uppers, lining, insoles and finishes. 

Water-based PU laminate
Trade name: INSQIN® 

INSQIN® water-based PU offers a much more sustainable way of producing coated textiles than conventional technologies. Safer, with less carbon footprint, energy and water consumption, it can be applied to uppers, linings, insoles and finishes.

Water-based adhesive
Trade name: Dispercoll® U 

Applied to soles, midsoles, uppers and finishes, water-based adhesives are an alternative to solvent-based adhesives, reducing environmental impacts, improving the working environment and avoiding risks to workers' health. 

Taco Moca Free
Trade name: Baytec®

Used in hell caps, molds, technical parts and spatulas, elastomers bring more safety, sustainability and performance to heel caps and, consequently, to consumers. 

Maezio® composite
Trade name: Maezio® 

Stabilizers, toecaps, insoles and structural parts can be created using this material, which combines the aesthetics and strength of metals with the flexibility, lightness and design freedom of plastics. 

Recyclable polycarbonate
Trade name: Makrolon® R 

Heels, straps, insoles and the assembly process can be optimized with a sustainable alternative, making it possible to add value to the product from post-consumption materials. 

“Covestro maintains a leading position in the global footwear industry, with technologies and solutions that stand out for innovation and sustainability with a focus on the current demands of customers and also of the market”,

Silvio Torres

Head of the Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties of Covestro for Latin America.

Key Benefits:

  • Supportive Choose a partner that works with you every step of the way.
  • Comfortable  Work with materials that are light-weight and flexible.
  • Reliable  Use proven materials, which are strong, lasting and durable.
  • Sustainable  Choose our more environmentally sustainable options.
  • Design freedom  Enjoy numerous material options for maximum design freedom.

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