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The future belongs to renewable energies, as their use is seen as an important step towards tackling climate change and towards a post carbon society.

Among the renewables wind power is considered to be one of the most sustainable power generation technologies and, for good reasons, is achieving tremendous growth rates. The global installed wind power capacity is more than 20 times higher than in 2001.*

As the inventor of polyurethane (PU), Covestro wants to make wind energy production more efficient through the first-ever application of PU infusion resin in wind turbine blade production. As our highly innovative PU resin offers significant advantages over conventional resins, it will take blade production onto a higher plane:
*Global Wind Energy Council: Global Cumulative Installed Capacity 2001-2016 [ – URL retrieved 2017/09/27] 
We are continuously pushing boundaries in our commitment to making the world a brighter place. Find out more about our efforts to improve wind turbine blade production and how this is helping to make wind energy more efficient. 
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