A Bayhydur® ultra success story: New standards in industrial hygiene

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How Covestro improved product safety with no additional technical approval required

For its Alexit® coating systems for the automotive interior and other applications, the coatings manufacturer Mankiewicz uses Bayhydur® ultra polyurethane hardeners from Covestro; the products used are part of the ultra series. They contain less than 0.1 percent by weight of residual monomers and set a new standard in industrial hygiene.

Easy drop-in solution important

Improved industrial hygiene standards are important for the entire value chain in the coating and adhesive industry. In this context, it is crucial to further increase product safety by reducing the residual monomer content, ideally to below 0.1 percent.


Reducing the residual monomer content to less than 0.1 percent

For Mankiewicz as a coating manufacturer, it was very important that reducing the residual monomer content to less than 0.1 percent was an easy drop-in solution requiring no additional technical approval from their customers.


Improved work hygiene, same high performance

Mankiewicz found the solution in Bayhydur® ultra, a product from the new ultra line from Covestro. Bayhydur® ultra 2487/1 complies with the safety precautions recommended by the safety data sheets and further improves working hygiene standards by reducing the residual monomer content to less than 0.1 percent. Mankiewicz can use the product in their formulations in the same way as before and, at the same time, meet their own and their customers’ requirements because only the specification range of the residual monomer content has been narrowed down. This allows Mankiewicz to continue focusing on its core business.

“Thanks to the new Bayhydur® ultra 2487/1 by Covestro we are well prepared for changing external requirements and can differentiate our portfolio by offering our customers improved quality in terms of application-related occupational safety. We value the commitment of Covestro to continually improving their products and setting new standards, especially in the field of industrial hygiene.”

Dr. Heinz-Wilhelm Wilde

Director-Head of R & D Automotive

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