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Bayfol® for vibrant photoplymer holograms on IDs and banknotes

JSC RPC Krypten, a Russian developer of optical security elements for banknotes and IDs, created 3D-Gram™ technology for recording photopolymer holograms on Bayfol® HX film by Covestro. This innovation replaces foil-based rainbow security holograms with vibrant colored, durable 3D holograms in high definition.
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ID card created with the 3D-Gram™ technology by Krypten

Provide bright, durable security holograms for banknotes and IDs

JSC RPC Krypten is a Moscow-based provider of printed optical security features. Their product range includes security laminates, overlays, inlays, patches, and self-adhesive films. For banknotes and plastic ID cards, the company was searching for the best material and technology for creating photopolymer holograms that have bright, intense colors and stable visual effects. 

Create a tear-proof and chemical-resistant 3D security feature

Banknotes and ID cards see intensive everyday use, so security features like photopolymer holograms must be inherently robust. They need to resist ripping and tearing as well as exposure to chemicals and overheating. In addition, the security layer on banknotes cannot be more than 30 microns thick. Producing these 3D features is a complex, multi-stage process. JSC RPC Krypten needed both a material and a production solution for an extremely durable, ultra-thin security hologram. 

Ultra-thin Bayfol® HX for robust security holograms

We provided a customized ultra-thin Bayfol® HX transfer grade and an additional polymer film while JSC RPC Krypten added a special optical lacquer that locks in the vivid color during and after the treatment process. Jointly, we created a special material stack that Krypten can now apply to record bright holograms with unique visual effects on a banknote security stripe that is just 28 microns thick, as well as a photopolymer holographic patch, laminate and inlay for plastic ID cards via their 3D-Gram™ technology.

The cooperative work between RPC Krypten and Covestro enables the use of intense pure color holograms for the manufacturing of ID-cards and bank note threads. This results in better counterfeit protection.

Richard Meisenheimer

Application Developer Holographic Light Guiding, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • Intense colors:  Bayfol® HX enables bright holograms with intense, pure and resilient colors.
  • Ultra thin:  Slim transfer film allows photopolymer holograms less than 30 microns thick.
  • Durable:  Security features are resistant to wear and tear, chemicals and overheating.
  • Versatile:  Multiple optical functions can be integrated into a single layer.

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