Addigy® improves production of orthopedic shoe lasts

Orthopedic shoemakers usually need weeks to make custom-fit orthopedic shoes for their customers. With 3D printed shoe lasts made possible by Addigy® TPU filament and our cooperation with go-tec, this timespan can now be considerably reduced.
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Speed up the production process

A crucial time factor in the production of orthopedic shoes is the production of shoe lasts. These foot-shaped pieces, usually made of wood, provide the base for the final shoe production. However, these shoe lasts usually need to be adapted again and again until they finally meet the customer's exact measurements. This is valuable time that could be saved by producing the shoe last with 3D printing.

Provide material with consistently high quality

go-tec GmbH, an enterprise for software solutions and technology from Münster (Germany), has teamed up with us to find a suitable material for 3D printing of plastic shoe lasts. The most important challenge: the material had to meet demanding requirements, similar to the usual material wood, which is subjected to heavy wear and tear, when the shoe last is used in the workshop.

Addigy® TPU filament, based on Desmopan®

We developed a highly versatile TPU custom-made material providing transparency and high elongation at break. What’s more, this material was tough enough to withstand nails, hot press and grinding in a workshop environment. This enabled go-tec to print a bendable, transparent test shoe that you can put on within 2 hours after measuring – and which can then be used for printing a customized shoe last, right in the workshop, shortening the lead time for orthopedic shoes by 2-3 weeks.

Time is a rare commodity for orthopedic shoe makers, especially because their work usually takes so long. Saving time not only allows them to deliver much faster but also gives them much more time to provide expert advice to their customers.

Jens Majewski

Managing Director, go-tec GmbH

Why Addigy® TPU filament was a great solution for go-tec shoe lasts

  • Versatility: Combining mechanical toughness with high elongation at break
  • Mechanical strength: „Tough enough“ to withstand nails, hot press and grinding
  • Transparency: Makes working with a shoe last much easier

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