The grand finale

New customer experience imperatives

New world, new journey: An orchestra of possibilities

A near-global lockdown deaccelerated the world’s interconnected economies. During this time, wildlife flourished and emissions decreased. The impact for people and commerce was equally seismic: businesses took their entire brand experience online, accelerating the shift towards hybrid communications. How will the new landscape impact customer touchpoints and experiences in 2022 and beyond? And what role will innovation, digitalization and sustainability play in future interactions?

Join external speaker Erick Smet (TrendWatching) and Covestro speakers Tanja Gutsmann, Dr. Jacqueline Kušan-Bindels, Dagmar Ulbrich and Sucheta Govil to wrap up key takeaways from our previous insight talks and look towards how we can meet future challenges head on and turn these into business successes.