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At Covestro and former-DSM AM* we share a passion for driving innovation that brings real customer benefits. In additive manufacturing, we’re combining our material expertise across technologies and markets to place performance at the heart of our solutions. Join us at Formnext 2021 to turn industrial adoption of 3D printing into reality - right now!
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Functionality means applications you can count on. From extreme weather or temperature resistance, to toughness or stiffness, we develop 3D printing solutions with material and part performance you can trust. These are based on data from tests designed and carried out for specific customer needs, tailored to meet the demands of your unique applications. Together with you, we’re accelerating production to help launch additive manufacturing on an industrial scale.**

Our 3D printing solutions cater to industries ranging from automotive, aviation aerospace and other transportation to electronics, sports & lifestyle and medical or dental. And we service production  tooling such as jigs and fixtures, composite tooling and investment casting.

More functionality in every application 


Designing the future of new mobility:

  • Rethink design with faster prototyping in fully functional materials
  • Achieve faster production of high-quality small series,  spare parts and tooling without costly injection molding techniques
  • Enjoy robust, lightweight and more sustainable solutions that help lower waste and cost


Shaping how the future moves:

  • Accuracy and durability for resisting mechanical load and severe environmental conditions
  • More time- and cost-efficiency compared to traditional manufacturing
  • Performance solutions for spare parts and tough, durable end-use components
  • Investment casting patterns with non-detectable ash residue, including for special alloys

Electronics and electrical

Empowering production and design freedom:

  • Speed up creation of production tools and aesthetic or mechanical models
  • Re-imagine application design from consumer appliances to heavy-duty industrial equipment
  • Produce end-use parts with designs not possible before

Medical and dental

Creating the right solution for every need:

  • Enjoy faster production of robust and easy-to-sterilize models, tools and devices
  • Create fully finished applications quickly with lower waste and cost
  • Benefit from strong expertise in polymers and ceramics for strength, precision, dimensional stability and flexibility

Sports and lifestyle

Functional for personalization and customization:

  • Bringing safety, comfort and performance to athletes
  • Helping sport and lifestyle brands increase production efficiency and lower costs


Making production tools faster and more cost-effective:

  • Produce jigs and fixtures in the shape and size you need to keep your production running smoothly
  • Produce composite parts in a quarter of the time needed compared to conventional machining
  • Cost-effective and simpler investment casting, also for specialized alloys

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*Following Covestro’s acquisition of the DSM additive manufacturing business

 **Please note that only people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from Covid-19 with official proof will be admitted to the Formnext 2021 exhibition and conference. Country-specific travel regulations must also be observed. For more information, visit the Formnext website:

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