Life Cycle Assessment Study on Wood Coatings

Wed, Sep 15, 2021 from 10:00-10:45 am CEST

Do water-based coatings really have a lower lifecycle carbon footprint? And are they more sustainable than solvent-based coatings? To answer these questions, two coating types were tested against each other in a joint lifecycle assessment (LCA) study with furniture coatings manufacturer Hesse Lignal: a two-component solvent-based (SB) polyurethane coating versus a two-component water-based (WB) polyurethane coating. When using Bayhydur® quix 306-70, WB coatings generate up to 60% lower CO2 emissions than SB systems. Interested? Join us in our insight talk to learn more about our findings.

Speakers: Pantea Nazaran, Berta Vega Sánchez, Sven A. Thomsen (Hesse Lignal)