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Baytherm 873 is a low-density Class I rigid polyisocyanurate foam system for continuous applications consisting of three parts: Baytherm 873 Component A, a polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (PMDI), Baytherm 873 Component B, a formulated polyol blend, and A-Gas CP-80, a hydrocarbon blowing agent added at the mixhead or to the Baytherm 873 Component B by the end user prior to foaming. Formulated using Covestro's cyclopentane-blown foam technology, this system can be used as a cavity filling foam where excellent thermal and mechanical properties are required such as continuous building panels. Foams made with Baytherm 873 system have been tested and found to meet the requirements of a Class 1 Foam according to ASTM Method E-84. As with any product, use of Baytherm 873 system in each application must be tested (including but not limited to field testing) in advance by the user to determine suitability.


Isocyanate (PMDI) (Baytherm 873 Comp A) must be stored in tightly closed containers and protected from contamination with moisture and foreign materials. It will react with water to form urea and liberate carbon dioxide gas, which may cause sealed containers to expand and rupture. Storage temperature should be maintained between 10° and 35°C (50° and 95°F).
Baytherm 873 Component B is hygroscopic and may absorb moisture from the air. Containers should be kept tightly closed and protected from heat, moisture and foreign materials, which can adversely affect processing. Containers should be opened slowly to relieve possible excess pressure. Avoid contact with skin and eyes as well as breathing vapors if generated. Storage temperatures should be maintained between 5°C and 35°C (41°F and 95°F).
A-Gas CP-80 is a blend of 20% isopentane and 80% cyclopentane isomers marketed by A-Gas. It is a highly flammable liquid (flash point < 20°F) with a vapor density greater than that of air. Special precautions must be used when handling flammable materials. Please contact the A-Gas supplier for detailed safety, handling and storage information.


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