Sustainable beauty solutions with Baycusan®

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The Baycusan® product portfolio features sustainable and innovative film formers for cosmetic formulations. It includes water- and ethanol-based liquid polymers, which were carefully developed for superior performance.

Our Baycusan® polymers are the ideal foundation for exceptional sun care, skin care, hair care and color cosmetics product lines due to their advanced, multifunctional properties.  Baycusan® products form a clear, odorless and breathable film on skin and hair.  Our manufacturing process also enables the design of unique polymer structures that are flexible, breathable and biodegradable. Baycusan® film formers offer excellent water and humidity resistance.

The increasing need for more sustainable products is met by the new bio-based Baycusan® eco line featuring same benefits as Baycusan® classic line.

Key Benefits

  • Environmental-friendly: Suitable for biodegradable formula and natural-based formula
  • Water resistant: For a long-lasting makeup, for a high & long-term sun protection
  • Humidity resistant:  For a long-lasting hair styling, for best hair manageability
  • Flexible: For elastic & natural curls
  • Breathable: For high-wear comfort face care

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